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Welcome to the Flying Solo website!

We are a small group of close adult friends, a casual raiding Level 25 guild of well geared 85's with lots of alts. This is a collective, a VERY laid back group of equals. There really isn't any "leadership", we all work together. If you are looking for a hard core raid group, or getting power leveled, or purpled out......look elsewhere. If you want to run a lot of 5 man heroics, get achieves, laugh with your friends in guild chat and run weekly 10 man content, we are probably right for you. If you have an aversion to repair bills, and don't tolerate people who aren't perfectly geared or who know their class completely, go elsewhere. We will fail til we succeed and we run with anybody. Gearscore/Achieve hounds need not apply.

Come on in, have a look around, and if it looks like it'd fit you, message us. Anyone in the guild can invite you, we live by the "Golden Rule". Treat others as you would have them treat you. We live by mutual respect. This is our only rule, and the boot is the only solution

Thanks for stopping by!!
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"Just A Peace" on Facebook

EbonswornWoW, Jun 14, 11 9:02 AM.
Hey all help me and my band out and check us out on facebook. search Just A Peace. Thanks :)

ToC 10 man for the guild

Angrod The Great, Jun 14, 11 8:58 AM.

Cata dungeons are tooo hard.......not.

Willofstone, Jan 18, 11 9:35 AM.
There has been a lot of talk about how hard the new content is, and how you need to wait to gem or chant stuff, here is a very informative and interesting post to read.

New Vent Info posted!

Willofstone, Nov 23, 10 11:23 AM.
Kingdom of Vengeance (Steve and Mishelle) updated their Vent, including adding Flying Solo to the name. I've added the updated server info to the Teamspeak info page.

Guild Meeting Transcript for those who missed it!!!!

Willofstone, Oct 24, 10 1:15 PM.
Heya gang. Had a great meeting 10/23/10 and knowing many couldn't be online at that time, I made a transcript of what was covered and am posting here for everyone to be able to see what was said, and decided by vote.

Have a great day!
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